Sunday, January 21st, 2018


July Is National Children's Spinal Health Month

​Numerous research studies confirm that back pain starts early in life.
54% of girls age 15 suffer from lower back pain according to a 2011 Research study.
34% of children 15 years old seek health care for spinal pain according to a research study performed in Denmark.
33% of 9 year old children experience low back pain according to the research journal musculoskeletal disorders.
31% of children stop participating in sports and physical activity because of spinal pain.
26% of children are absent from school because of spinal pain.
Spinal pain as a child is strongly associated with spinal pain in adulthood.  If it’s not treated during childhood, chances are they will have spinal pain as an adult.
Surveys found three improvements both doctors and parents noticed when children received chiropractic care:

  • ​Improved sleep
  • Better attitudes and behavior
  • Stronger immune system function

​​​The International Chiropractic Pediatric Association estimates almost 70 million chiropractic adjustments for children every year proving that it is common for children to receive chiropractic care, as well as proving that chiropractic is safe for children.

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